Hi you! Meet Krijn Janse. 

Krijn has been a front runner with Voice User Interfaces (VUI’s) ever since the rise of more consumer aimed products like Amazon Alexa in the United States. His hands-on experience with the introduction of VUI’s at Talpa Network made him a trusted advisor and conversational strategist of implementing VUI’s as part-of-the-business. 


He has been part of the introduction of the Google Assistant in the Netherlands and ever since has been pushing the boundaries of the possibilities with the Google Assistant. Nevertheless, he continued to explore and implement other VUI systems as Siri and Amazon Alexa. 


Since 2018 Krijn has been managing the implementation of VUI’s at Talpa Network, the leading media/tech company in the Netherlands. Before that, he has done internal evangelism, strategy and design. In order to get all of the involved parties to understand what the potential of this new conversational technology and how to implement it. Backed-up by a huge user research of how and in what environment people use VUI’s.  


Next to this, Krijn is a member of the Dutch Data Driven Marketing Association, task force Voice. Their aim is to uplift and professionalize the Dutch Voice Assistants industry. 


As a freelancer Krijn helps other companies to understand what Voice User Interfaces are and how it is part of a bigger conversational technology. How they too can use it to its full potential depending on their core business. By spreading knowledge, implementing strategies and actively engage in the design and development process. 


Finally, Krijn is one of the first people in the Netherlands that has spent his entire career working with specifically Voice User Interfaces in de conversational technology branch.