Conversational Insights. 

Conversational interfaces (voice- and chatbots) have increased in the demand the last couple of years. Voicebots in particular are new to a large group of people. Therefore, knowledge session(s) can be held at a preferred location. These session(s) are to improve the understanding what Conversational Interfaces  are, how they work and where it eventually can lead to. The information will be tailored to the organizations field and afterword’s there will be an overview of everything discussed during the day. 

  • Use cases. 

  • Knowledge sharing. 

  • Insights into the conversational industry. 

Conversational Strategy & Product Roadmaps.

With the organizations long-term vision and mission in mind and in cooperation with the product and innovation team(s) a new conversational strategy will be made. It will make sure that there is an understanding of the market and how the customer navigates through it. Next to creating a persona attached to the product roadmap it will enable the internal teams to make a start with conversational. All based upon the conversational strategy. 

  • Market research. 

  • Customer journey map.

  • Persona development.

  • Product roadmap.

  • Conversational mission and vision statement. 

  • Conversational strategy.

‘The Netherlands fastest adoption of Google Assistant

in the whole world.

Source: Twinkle Digital Commerce.

Conversational Design & Development.

Applying conversational specific prototyping techniques and validate the prototypes with usability testing will lead to the first minimum valuable product (mvp). Furthermore, by constantly applying ideation and optimization while maintaining and prioritizing the backlog the conversational product will keep increasing its user experience. 

  • Prototyping. 

  • Usability testing. 

  • User experience. 

  • Ideation & optimization.

  • Maintain backlog.  

Conversational Data & Optimization.

The current status and set-up of the conversational interface will be evaluated. After which the optimization process of the conversational product will begin. It will show where in the conversational strategy quick wins can be made and where there a long-term beneficial factors. This could be in several categories such as the way of coding or the user experience. 

  • Data analysis. 

  • Customer journey analysis. 

  • User interviews. 

  • Ideation & optimization.