Talpa Network, JUKE - Google Assistant.

As a launching partner of Google Assistant in The Netherlands together with Talpa Network we enabled two of the news providers and built one of the very first Google Actions in the Netherlands for JUKE.  


Radio is alive and kicking! Smart speakers brought radio back into the living room. As the free radio, podcast platform of the Netherlands JUKE needs to become more personal than ever before, voice plays in important role. 


To get Voice growing I created a conversational strategy for JUKE, approved by the board. Which made it possible to do an national wide voice research on the context of voice usage, to know how, when, how long and with who users use voice. To get a grasp on the customer journey and now exactly on what time of the day and in what shape we have to be present for the user. 


I made sure that the new conversational way-of-working, including a voice vocabulary, conversational flow and an iteration design process, was introduced and implemented by development, UX and copywriting. Which created the first voice team inside Talpa Network. 


Finally, I made sure that there was an ongoing research on the impact of having an own voice inside of the Google Action, how this should sound like, be like, act like and why it was of importance. 

  • Conversational Insights.

  • Conversational Strategy & Product Roadmaps.

  • Conversational Design & Development.

  • Conversational Data & Optimization.

Talpa Network, JUKE - Amazon Alexa.

With the tremendous increase of radio listening due to smart speakers in the United States. It was a necessity to understand this new platform of Voice User Interfaces, before it arrived to the Netherlands. 


Therefore, Talpa Network, JUKE (the free radio, podcast platform of the Netherlands) created it first Alexa Skill. To understand what this new technology is, how to place it in the digital strategy and develop a sustainable platform for the future. 


I made sure there was extensive research available on how to tackle Voice. This research included how the design process of voice should be implemented, what to take into account, what makes voice different from other platforms and what voice-first design really means. 

  • Conversational Insights.

  • Conversational Design & Development.