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Have a direct and personal conversation 24/7 with your end-consumer. Enhance your customer experience by answering their questions wherever they might be in the customer journey.  Lower the pressure and costs in customer support. Finally, let voice- and chatbots support your yearly targets. 

  • Increase customer experience.

  • Reduce pressure and costs for customer support.

  • Instant and 24/7 conversation with your end-consumer.

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After seeing the rise of Amazon Alexa in the United States. JUKE part of Talpa Network wanted to know what Voice User Interfaces (VUI’s) such as Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant where, how to incorporate it into the main business and how to give users a more personal user experience than ever before. Therefore, I managed to get VUI’s from exploration to part-of-the-business. Which made JUKE is one of the first to have a Google Assistant Action and an Amazon Alexa Skill in the Netherlands!

  • Conversational Insights.

  • Conversational Strategy & Product Roadmaps.

  • Conversational Design & Development.

  • Conversational Data & Optimization.

Hey Google, praat met JUKE.

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A brief introduction.


I have been implementing and strategising Conversational Interfaces into the core of businesses. In order to enhance conversational technology from business to end-consumer. Let your brand talk to your consumer, literally!